Moon. dao
Bank for meta era
Commission free
for members
New earning opportunities
with the community
Unconditional income
regular accruals of tokens
Your bank for your meta assets
play, chat, learn, earn and grow with your own bank and global community
Free materials for earning in games and meta
The best players will help you. Or do you teach for a fee
Moon wallet
Different types of assets on one wallet
Protection of your accounts, characters, values
Into new games, guilds, teams, characters, projekts from $1
Launching new games
Community commissioned
Characters and objects. No risk
For meta assets
Gaming assets at interest
Payments are made to the wallet that paid the rent

The data below is required if you want to return funds or change the wallet for receiving payments
To gift a subscription, create a wallet on the recipients device
Change of details and refund (at any time, in proportion to the expired period) is possible through a request for the postal address of the service
By specifying your email when paying, the new user will receive + 10% to payments (23.1% per annum). Your wallet will receive 10% of all payments to the invited user during the first 2 years
Fill in to contact a partner in your area
It's totally free